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Contributor Guidelines

We suggest you read these before sending in your submissions to

The Wise Owl Team prides itself in giving everyone an equal shot at publication, based solely on the quality of their work. We favour originality, freshness, innovation and novelty and would encourage our contributors to adhere to our norms. That is not to say we turn up our noses at traditional works. Well-written quality pieces are always welcome.  To have the best chance of surprising us, please take a few minutes to read our Guidelines before you submit.  Submissions may be sent to


Guidelines for Submission

The Wise Owl, welcomes submissions of hitherto unpublished stories/flash fiction/musings/anecdotes for the THE WEEKLY YARNS segment . The stories  may of any sub-genre  The stories received and accepted by the Editorial Team will be published in order of their receipt. Those who wish to send a recording of the stories may ensure it is an mp3 file. The story should begin with a preface that reads " The Wise Owl Weekly Yarns podcast brings to you  a story written and recited by .... (name of writer)



  • All submissions should be sent as one Microsoft Word attachment (as a.doc file, please) or as a part of the text of the email.

  • Your submission must include the following:

    • The original work.

    • A statement granting us permission to publish the original work as well as a declaration that you are in a position to grant us such rights.

  • Optional, but highly encouraged:

  • A short write-up providing context of the literary work in about 100-150 words. 

  • Submissions must not have been previously published. An undertaking to this effect must be submitted along with your submission. Your submission will not be considered by our Editorial team unless such an undertaking is filed.

  • Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but we ask in return that you notify us by email as soon as you learn of an acceptance elsewhere.



Fiction/Creative Non Fiction

May include stories, flash fiction, anecdotes & musings. Stories may include sub-genres like crime, fantasy, romance, science fiction, Westerns, inspirational, historical fiction, and horror. The submission may include one or more works of short fiction or excerpts of a longer work. Please ensure that the fiction pieces do not exceed 1500 words and Creative Non fiction pieces do not exceed 1000 word.. 

Please ensure that all submissions are accompanied with a short CV (30-50 words) of writer



  • Rights to the work revert to the writer after publication. We do hope to put out a print anthology as an annual feature. Contributors who have been chosen for such an anthology will be requested for permission separately.

  • If the writer has a website, a weblink will be added at the end of the article. This link will help drive traffic to author's website.


Editorial Intervention & Liability

The submissions will be examined by our Editorial Team for content from the point of view of what they feel is rich and wholesome content, with universal approach and global acceptance. The Editorial Team shall also evaluate submissions based on whether in their opinion, the submissions can generate viewership. Rejection of some or all works of a writer is in no way a comment on the ability of a particular poet.

Review of Submissions

Stories submitted will be published in order of their receipt. We reply within a couple of days of receipt of submission. However, if you don’t hear from us, it is a polite way of saying that the submissions have not passed muster. Rejection of some or all works of a poet is in no way a comment on the ability of a particular writer/artist. Our team would be happy to evaluate fresh submissions.  

  • Our finances do not permit us to pay contributors at this time. However, this situation may change in the near future.

  • If you require further clarification on any matter, please send us a query (with the word "QUERY" included in the header) at the email address Due to the volume of e-mails we receive, we may not be able to respond to queries about guidelines that have already been answered on this page itself.

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